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Ready, Fire, Aim!, T. Mills' first studio album

mardi 21 mai 2013      Ready, Fire, Aim! [Explicit]

Travis Tatum Mills (better known under the pseudonym T. Mills) is a real phenomenon among American young adults. He releases his first studio album Ready, fire, aim! juggling between rap and pop, acknowledging he got his inspiration from Kanye West and the hip-hop band Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Very controversial, he is criticized for his often vulgar straight-talk and the bad example he gives to the young Americans.
Even if these have already seen almost everything, the young pierced and tattoed rapper, chain-dope-smoker does not please to the early Puritans. While some do not like to hear it, the young artist managed to make his own place next to the biggest rock and metal bands on the stage of the famous Vans Warped Tour, above all created by the skateboard and BMX brand Vans for punk-rock artists. Despite the reprimands of many haters, T. Mills grinded on and even did a European Tour in 2012.

Ready, Fire, Aim! includes rousing and raving titles, corresponding to the young man and expressing the deepest of the thinking of many of his male congeners. In spite of the lyrics and raw expressions, considered as immature by some detractors, girls are huge fans from the songs She Got A... or Stupid Boy, the first released single. T. Mills sings about sex, drugs and parties, advocating "do whatever you want whenever you want". But the rapper is not only adding vocals to a repetitive and overwhelming beat; each of his songs is mixed on another electronic arrangement, which quality is - according to the genre - quite impressive when we know it is his first album.

One thing is sure: T. Mills won't please anybody, especially not the parents, but he has the merit of being original and of setting apart of the others by producing an energetic and unprecedented mixed sound.

Watch the official video of Stupid Boy, first single of the album:

Hayden Christensen, from Jedi to Jumper

mardi 21 mai 2013      Jumper [DVD] [2008] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

Aged 15, David Rice is astonished to discover he has the uncanny ability to teleport at any place in the world. Even in forbidden places such as the bank's safety-deposit box he is about to rob soon after he manages to tame his power. He decides to begin a new life far from his little home town - and thus far from his family and first love Millie - and discovers he is a Jumper. David is not the only one to enjoy such a power, his fellow men are scattered around the world, trying to escape the Paladins, who are tracking down and killing these teleporters since centuries.

The plot is a quite basic one and does not include all the elements of the science-fiction novel written by Steven Gould it is adapted of, and gathered all the usual hollywoodian-blockbusters' characteristics: a handsome hero (Hayden Christensen, known for his role as Anakyn Skywalker in the Star Wars series), his girlfriend who ends up in a bad position and whom he is trying to save (Rachel Bilson) and the heartless bad guys who could arise at any time (headed by a Samuel L. Jackson with bleaching hair); but the viewer is easily caught up in the movie and follows the endless comings and goings of the hero. After all, who has never dreamed of being able to travel the world in the blink of an eye? This fantasy becomes real for the young and arrogant David, who takes us from New-York City to Tokyo, after a stop in London or at the top of the pyramid of Giza - notice that for once, the hero is selfish and haughty, nothing to do with the ideal sons-in-law who are dredging out their superhero costumes during the weekend.

In short, we should not expect the movie of the century, but Jumper knows no dead times and is going to keep the viewers breathless all along the plot, even suggesting a sequel at the end. Special effects are properly done, even if they are not astonishing, and the sceneries will make us travel around the world, but it is clear that Doug Liman's making (Mr and Mrs. Smith, The Bourne Identity) is still of rather poor quality or untidy and that the characters could have gain in depth...
Beside the excellent Hayden Christensen and the intimidating Samuel L. Jackson, we also rediscover the stunning Jamie Bell, revealed at the age of 14 by the movie Billy Elliot in which he played the leading role.

In spite of the negative criticism which have often denigrate the production, Jumper remains a thrilling action and science-fiction movie which ensures us to have a good time in front of our TV-screen.

Comeback in the City of Ashes for the Shadowhunters and their demons

vendredi 17 mai 2013      City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments)

 In this second volume of the series The Mortal Instuments, we meet Jace, Clary, the new-born vampire Simon and their other Shadowhunters friends in a darker and more violent atmosphere. Between the city of New-York and the parallel universe of Alicante, they are back on track hunting the cruel and inhuman Valentine, facing Downworlders and demons.

Do not think you already know everything about Shadowhunters through the first book, because this one contains even more revelations and other past betrayals. There are obviously other discoveries to come, and Cassandra Clare managed to make us doubt about the romances which seemed to be conspicuous since the first chapters of the previous book. Everything is now uncertain again, we are far from the foregone happy-ends we could have known in other similar sagas.
The author assigns much importance to the secondary characters, who are still very interesting, endearing...and often unpredictable. Each of these heroes has his own past, each of them may have a decisive role to play for the survival of everyone, as war approaches... We are never bored in the company of our favorite warriors.

Events are fastly succeeding one another in the City of Ashes, and the reader is caught in this diabolical spiral, panting at the same rhythm as the characters, and it is nearly impossible to take your eyes off the book. The story does not drag, and the richness of the adventures is going to make you turn the pages with an increasing frenzy. None disappointment then regarding the thrilling content of this second book. Useful hint? Run to the nearest store and buy the next one!

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Is Nicholas Sparks going to give The Best Of Him?

vendredi 17 mai 2013      The Best Of Me

You never forget your first true love. Dawson is aware of it; Amanda's memory is still haunting him twenty-five years after their break-up, and his feelings for her remain intact, to the point he was never able to love again since he was 18. Meanwhile, Amanda is married and the mother of three children. The death of one of their former friends will bring them to meet again, stiring up memories and feelings they thought they would never have again... But after all the trials they endured, will they manage to rise love from its ashes again?

The plot of The Best Of Me has nothing innovative and the ending seems predictable, but we are caught up in this kind of renewal: over the course of the chapters, we always learn more about the personalities, pasts and (mis)adventures of both main characters. The story's background reminds us of the rivalries between the Montaigu and the Capulet in a famous Shakespearean tragedy, and Sparks' married and depressed Juliet is going to renew her forgotten feelings for his broken and lonesome Romeo. We get attached to these characters whose lives have been tough very fast, despite the cruel lack of suspense due not only to the plot, but also to the author's writing style: his pen gives answers to our questions before we even had time to ask ourselves. But Sparks still manages to bring the reader to sympathize even with the mot empathic situations. Manslaughter, harassment, rivalry, abuse, alcoholism; the author raise deep issus, making his characters plunge into a dark and sordid atmosphere.
Often criticized because he always goes back to the same themes in his books, Sparks is once again talking about love. And one must admit that, even if he manages to create interesting characters and to describe sometimes idyllic, sometimes dramatic frames, his stories still sound similar... So no big surprises at first sight, the author's real fans will see here again the blend that had contributed to his success, but the others may be bored to read once again one of these melodramatic romance with a tragic turning point.

Nevertheless, The Best Of Me is a must-read for all lovers of romantic stories - at least those which do not go hand in hand with happy-ends... The book is quickly read, the reader is absorbed by the sequence of events, and the last chapters are absolutely captivating: the suspense that lacked before is going to grow untenable and Sparks will once again handle to bring us tears in the eyes.
Fastly read, but also managing to strike us from the bottow of our hearts... The Best of Me is a novel we are not going to forget. releases the Power

vendredi 17 mai 2013      #willpower (Deluxe) [Explicit]

He became famous as a member and producer of the American hip-hop band The Black Eyed Peas, but also proved that he could well pursue and succeed his career as a solo artist. His fourth album #willpower was released in April 2013 with 10 titles on its Deluxe version...of which 11 are featurings with other internationally renowned artists.

Regarding these featurings, we have to admit that knows well how to pick his cast. One finds by his side Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Skylar Grey and Eva Simons, with whom he recorded the hit This is Love. So we could say he has #Power on hand!

Listen to Scream & Shout, featuring Britney Spears :

The electro beat he had used us to through his previous albums is still the same, with the addition of... nothing very innovative, unfortunately. All the titles seem to have been written in order to be played over and over again in the clubs; we hear some R'n'B or dubstep stints that are never really developed. has understood the recipe for success and exploits it galore, without taking any risk at all. It is obvious that it makes people dance, because rhythms are rousing, it smells summer that is coming, the parties ending by dawn, but is there not a risk that even the craziest party people get bored of this redundant beat, worked and reworked many times over? We also have to admit that all these featurings added to this dance-electro-commercial-beat sounds familiar and reminds us of another guru of the dancefloors, the French DJ David Guetta - with whom already worked before. Could this announce an imminent war between the DJs? However, we listen to #WillPower in one piece, there is no title of this 2.0 album we need to switch. You can count on to make you dance at least all summer long!

#ThatPower official video with the teens' idol Justin Bieber :