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Killerpilze marks the comeback of German rock

mardi 04 juin 2013      Grell

NB: Grell's French review has been translated into English after Johannes Halbig, the singer of the band Killerpilze, asked for it ;-) (always a pleasure doing business with you)

A few years ago, German rock was made popular by the phenomenon band Tokio Hotel. CDs, concert tickets were snapped up by teenagers around the world and the whole pop-rock universe seemed to ride a new wave.

But this phenomenon is now out of steam and many bands we talked and read about in 2007/2008 remain missing. However, some of them did not give up yet, and this is what the Bavarian trio Killerpilze wants to prove in 2013 – even if they lost one of their founding members in the meantime.
The three young men have grown up, and even if they look more like men today, their sound is still recognizable. Aged 20 to 24, they are back with Grell bright »), a new album which is still rock but with deeper and more serious lyrics than in their previous albums. Everything has become more mature, from the singer's voice to the guitar riffs – including the lyrics we spoke about before, more thoughtful and conventionnal – which allows the earliest fans to see the band evolve in step with them. The band even decided to self-produce this album and created thus its own label, killerpilzerecords. Proof that they don't need anyone to make their way up, and that desire to go on making the music they love to takes over everything else. The first single release from the album, Nimm Mich Mit, has been broadcast for the first time on the German TV-channel ZDF March 25th.
Grell swings between bouncy tracks, representative from the freshness of youth, and darker, more melancholic ones, revealing a quest for identity which reflects the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Great to see that the band hasn't say its last word yet!

As busy and serious rockstars, the three members of Killerpilze pursued their studies in parallel with their musical carreer, and organize their tours depending on their holiday periods and week-ends. They also came to France to do some shows to promote this new album, from 24th until 28th April... during their spring holidays!

Official video for the song Sommerregen produced and directed by Fabi Halbig, the drummer (and youngest member) of the band:

Thanks to Andréa who helped me for this translation!

Fun and romantic novel about love and fate

mardi 04 juin 2013      Love In The Air

Holly Edwards and Peter Russell first met when they were sitting next to each other in a plane flying from LA to NY. They had time to talk about everything and had literally fallen in love with each other, believing this journey had changed their lives, but fate dictated otherwise and the two young people have no longer any way to get in contact.
Few years after, both of them are in relationships, and they are brought together once again for Holly's wedding... because her husband is in fact Peter's best friend. All these years, they had often thought about their flight together, wondering what went wrong to separate their paths. Further coincidences are going to put our two soulmates in incongruent situations... what is going to happen next ?

Love in the air
is James Collins' debut novel, and could have been considered as chick-lit... if its author had been a woman. Easy to read and pleasant, this book will be the perfect partner as a summer reading. Miscommunications, adulterous relationships, secrets, friends' behaviour are giving a pace to this fresh and clever novel. The reader is going to be caught up in this sequence of events, curious to know how the characters will manage to put their lives in order now that destiny offers them a second chance...

Some people who read the book did not like the story because of its numerous coincidences they considered as ludicrous and exaggerated. But still, Love in the Air is fun, engaging and enjoyable for all those who want to believe in second chances, and who fear missed opportunities... sometimes, life can put things right !

'James Collins has written a romantic, funny and insightful page turner about love in modern times, missed opportunities and the wheel of fate (with a blow-out!) that is so engaging and real, you will find it impossible to put down.'
Adriana Trigiani

From Dogg to Lion : Snoop's reincarnation

lundi 03 juin 2013      Reincarnated (Deluxe Version) [+digital booklet]

Another pseudo, another genre? That is exactly what we could thought, considering that we go from Dogg to Lion and from hip-hop to reggae. After the rapper converted into the Rastafarian religion - which was a high point of controversy - Snoop Dogg decided to change his stage name into Snoop Lion, and releases an album of a new type with a documentary film in which he describes his metamorphosis, explaining where this idea of advocating love instead for hate of one's neighbour comes from.

Reincarnated gathers reggae, pop and even electro sounds on Get Away (which may well be the new summer hit in the clubs). We obviously doubt on Snoop Doggy Dogg's credibility, wondering if this is not only the result of a smoked trip in Jamaica, but the singer (yes, he also sings) grabs it back through an enjoyable album to listen to and on which he knew well how to surround himself).
We can thus hear the voices of the producer Major Lazer, Rita Ora, Chris Brown,Drake, Miley Cyrus, Busta Rhymes... but also of Angela Hunte, songwriter-composer of the internationa hit Empire State of Mind, interpreted by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Success has to be achieved only out of curiosity to discover what pushed our Snoop off the straight and narrow - or not.

But despite the support of Rohan Marley, son of the master of the subject Bob Marley, this new album of a new genre for the artist is strictly speaking not the leader in the matter; but we truly want to believe in the love-and-sharing-priest-Snoop. Even if the authentic Rastafarians are going to pull their dreadlocks out, you should still take a few minutes to listen carefully to this unexpected album. Reincarnated will be the perfect soundtrack on the holiday route or next to the pool... why not while sharing the peace pipe?

Take some time to watch the official video of No Guns Allowed, featuring Drake & Cori B. :

... and to listen to Get Away, featuring Angela Hunte :

Last Night at Chateau Marmont, sparkles aren't shining anymore

vendredi 24 mai 2013      Last Night at Chateau Marmont

She made a name for herself with her best-seller The Devil Wears Prada, which rocketed up the 2006 book sales, Last Night at Chateau Marmont is the fourth novel written by Lauren Weisberger, Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's former personal assistant. We are back in New-York City, with its yellow cabs and skyscrapers we were already used to in her previous books, and me meet a brand new character, Brooke, a young dietician student who is going to fall in love with her "piano-man", aka Julian. Attracted by him since the first time she saw one of his concerts in a small bar, in front of a public of around twenty people, she will struggle to attract his attention, coming every week at the same place... until fate took a hand and Julian is charmed by the young lady.

Few years later, they are married and still in love with each other. Julian is still performing live in some small district clubs while Brooke is the breadwinner of the couple, balancing two jobs. Against all expectations, Julian is spotted by the record company Sony which finances his first album and organizes a promotional world tour. The peaceful life of the couple is completely turned upside down; Julian has to go to the studio, on TV sets, to do the opening of the tour of a famous band... and last but not least, paparazzis are stalking the building where Brooke and Julian live, spying every move, every show up, each of them inevitably finishing on the front pages of tabloids. Fame, money, glitter, rumors, disillusions and lies make the couple go to the dogs, and Brooke feels lonely, she does not trust her husband anymore, who is harassed by some fame-seeking chicks.
We might have believed it was a fairy tale, with Julian's drream finally becoming reality, but it is rather a descent into hell that we are watching at through Brooke's eyes. She is going to find out by herself that it is not easy to share the life of a celebrity, even if you thought knowing everything about this person. Because fame can change one's life, it is what happens to Julian by the way, who doesn't even care about his wife anymore.

Weisberger knows the life behind the scenes, the red carpets and the greatest designers' clothes, she knows rockstars' hangovers and the Chateau Marmont, and she introduces this glitz and glamour world to her readers. Called "Queen of the chick-lit" by some, she proves with Last Night at Chateau Marmont that she masters her field.
Pleasant to read, both humorous and tragic, this novel is going to seduce all young women who are still fantasizing about this closed world... even if it is also going to make them renounce to enter it. The plot is realistic, the characters are credible and arouse he readers' sympathy or animosity. There is only one point left to clarify now... is the relationship between Brooke and Julian going to last under the spotlights?

The unapologetic Rihanna releases her 7th studio album

vendredi 24 mai 2013      Unapologetic (Deluxe Edition) [Explicit] [+digital booklet]

Seventh album in a seven-year career... the Barbadian star is rather prolific! True jack of all trades, Rihanna goes from dancehall reggae in 2005 (with hits such as Pon De Replay or SOS) to pop-rock and dance sounds added to a leather and vinyl look. Her previous album Talk that Talk already leaned towards electro and R'n'B sonorities, emphasising the fact that the woman was a bad girl (she advocated it herself).

With Unapologetic, Rihanna wanted to prove she could master a wide range of musical genres and also assume her naughty girl aspect. Some songs of this new album are already hits on the radio and in nightclubs, such as the pop-ballads Diamonds and Stay (feat. Mikky Eko) or the electro-smash Right Now (feat. David Guetta, attempting to imitate Skrillex's dubstep sound). But even if this last one is often broadcast in the clubs, it does not really stand out of the other latest hits. The song Nobody's Business has been very controversed by the fans and the critics, because it gives to Rihanna's rowdy ex-boyfriend Chris Brown a place on her album. Direct reference to Michael Jackson, the title itself is taken in the King of Pop's song The Way You Make Me Feel; moreover, the rhythm also reminds us some of the artist's
pieces. And at the end of the album, No Love Allowed - in line with her former success Man Down - reminds us of the rasta-Rihanna from her earlier albums... new hit for the upcoming summer?

In spite of some inescapable hit, most of the tracks on Unapologetic are boring after just one listen, we always hear the same repetitive and irrelevant beat. Which is really bad for the young singer we were used to hear and see everywhere we went, in our car or in the clubs. But can she really be faulted after all? She is still the one who had managed to come up with more than thirty unforgettable hits in less than eight years...

Watch Diamonds' official videoclip:

and listen to Right Now, the dancefloors' hit feat. David Guetta and Nicky Romero: