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The Call: Suspense is on the line!

mercredi 12 juin 2013      Call [Blu-ray] [2013] [US Import]

The Call is the kind of movie that we would see without much motivation but that is rather nice after all. Certainly not really revolutionary but still attractive.

Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) is a 911 operator in Los Angeles, she is the link between the victims and the police on the ground. One day, she attends helplessly the murder of a girl by a psycho. Traumatized, she decides to leave the switchboard to become a trainer in the same service. But some time later, a young recruit is in line with another girl kidnapped by a psychopath, calling from the trunk of a car. Her young colleague losing her grip, Jordan has no choice to take things in hand and is going to do anything to help the young girl...

The scriptwriter Richard D'Ovidio had the good idea to focus its story around the 911 call center, an environment that has little presence in movies and after all rather unknown to the general public. The scenario is simple but well thought out, a real race against the clock to catch this crazy serial killer, which keeps us in suspense and plunges us in a very strong tension... At least during the first part of the movie! For a moment of madness, Jordan herself decides to go looking for the young Casey and since this point the interest and the pace of the movie has come down, and scriptwriting improbabilities has multiplied to finish with an unlikely finale.
Halle Berry, despite some hair problems (what a nice poodle!) is pretty good, and gives solid performance from beginning to end. It is also nice to see Abigail Breslin (which has grown since Little Miss Sunshine) and although she spends most of the movie in a car trunk, the young actress is convincing and does not overplay. Michael Eklund, who plays the villain kidnapper, who will soon turn into a real bloodthirsty killer, struggling to convince and abuses of jaw clenching and screaming to express his rage, which can quickly become annoying.

The Call is an unpretentious thriller, rather effective with good pace and good actors. The film is definitely based on the telephone relationship between Jordan and Casey and it would surely be interesting to exploit this relationship to the end rather than sending Halle Berry in the field, which completely ruins the pace of the movie.